Car Detailing Gig Harbor

Don’t wait to get your car detailed! Providing our clients with a mobile detailing service to ensure your car is detailed at your convenience, our Marine And Auto Detailing team is your trusted solution to a detailed car. Proudly serving the vehicles of Gig Harbor, WA, and surrounding areas with mobile auto detailing services, let our team detail your car wherever it’s parked. Call (253) 533-7223 today to get started!

We offer services in Gig Harbor, Kitsap County, and the surrounding areas and cities. Here are some of the main cities we service:

Gig Harbor

Port Orchard





Auto Detailing Gig Harbor

Helping you get that new car smell, Marine And Auto Detailing’s Interior Detail service provides a deep vacuum to get all the dirt and grime from the inside of your car. Once the vacuum is completed, our team shampoos the seats and carpet, cleans and conditions leather seats, and cleans interior glass to remove smudges. Included with this Interior Detailing service, our team provides an exterior wash and a tire shine. Additional fees may apply due to vehicle size, condition, dog hair, mold, urine, or rodent clean-up.

Detailing Gig Harbor

Helping your car shine like it just drove off the lot, this exterior detailing from Marine And Auto Detailing includes an exterior wash, clay bar treatment, and iron decontamination of the paint. Once the car’s body has been detailed, our detailers then move onto the wheels. Cleaned with a tire shine, we apply a 1-2 step polish, wax sealant, and trim restoration. Additional fees may apply for water spot removal, overspray removal, or sap removal. 

Engine Bay Detailing

Clean up your engine with Engine Bay Detailing. Removing pine needles and other debris, Marine And Auto Detailing cleans your engine with a degreaser and dries all surfaces and dress plastics. Additional fees may apply for any mold or rodent clean-up. 

Full Detail

Focusing on your vehicle’s exterior and interior, our team starts with a wash, clay bar treatment, iron decontamination, and car dry. Next, we fully polish and wax your car to remove any major scratches, swirls, or oxidized paint for a fresh paint job feel. After the exterior is finished, the interior is provided with a deep vacuum, seat and carpet shampoo, conditioning of leather seats, and interior glass cleaning. Additional fees may apply for dog hair, mold, sap, or water spot removal. Final pricing varies depending on your vehicle’s size and condition.

The Works: Interior, Exterior, and Engine Bay

Detailing your car from outside to in, The Works provides a detailed clean like no other. Starting with a wash, our Marine And Auto Detailing team then provides a clay bar, iron decontamination, and car dry. To complete the exterior, our technicians will fully polish and wax to remove any scratches, swirls, and oxidized paint to provide a glossy finish. Once the exterior is finished, we vacuum out the interior completely, clean the interior class, condition leather seats, and shampoo any carpet or cloth seats. Finishing off your vehicle by detailing your engine bay, we remove all debris and polish the engine down with a degreaser. All surfaces on your vehicle are dried with compressed air and dress plastics. You may encounter additional fees due to dog hair, sap, mold, or water spot removal. Prices varies on vehicle size and condition. 

Monthly Maintenance Plan

Helping you keep your car feeling like new, this once a month maintenance service from Marine And Auto Detailing is an easy way to stay on top of your car cleanliness every month. Pricing varies based on vehicle condition and size. 

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